You tell me…

  • Bald megalomaniac who hates aliens
  • Believes in torture and thinks it’s ok to use on his enemies
  • Promises to “save the world” from the people actually doing it
  • Glares and talks down to people he doesn’t agree with
  • Comes up with world changing plans that only sound good in a comic book

Just ONCE I would like a presidential candidate, ANY presidential candidate, that isn’t nuts, have skeletons in their closet AND aren’t bought and paid for.

Windows 7 blinking black login failure with touchscreen PCs 11/11/15

If you update your touchscreen-enabled PCs running Windows 7 automatically, you’re in for a really bad day today. 

Windows released an update that completely screws up touchscreen PCs. When you click on a user to login, you will see a black flash on screen, then get kicked back to the login screen in an infinite loop. There’s no way in. 

Here’s the fix…

  • Click the red icon in the lower right and choose REBOOT
  • When the PC starts up and before the WINDOWS logo appears, press F8 repeatedly
  • In the black screen that appears, choose REPAIR WINDOWS
  • Eventually a list of choices will appear. Choose RESTORE MY PC TO AN EARLIER TIME
  • In the next window that appears, click the SHOW MORE RESTORE OPTIONS at the bottom
  • Choose a restore at least a week prior and click NEXT
  • WAIT while Windows restores your system
  • When it completes, regardless of what it says, choose REBOOT

After an agonizingly long wait, your PC will boot back to normal. 

Nice one Microsoft. Nobody in Redmond have a damn touchscreen to beta these on?

What laws would you like a new president to enact, regardless of political party?

I’m getting real tired of the dog and dead-horse show that’s passing for political “debate” nowadays.

How about pushing for a “I don’t care who is elected; this needs to be a law right now” political party.

Right off the top of my head, I’ve got two…

#1 – To stimulate the economy, grant immediate tax relief for all public school educators. No federal taxes while they hold that position and a 100% rebate of their 2014 tax filing.

#2 – No family member of any federally wanted felon in the US, Mexico, or Europe can attend any schooling of any kind in the US.