Sorry about the cross posting mess today

My website, Twitter and Facebook went nuts today because I forgot to add a STOP event to a chain of commands for automatic cross-posting on all my social media accounts and an exception rule when replying directly to a specific twitter account.

My sincere apologies. The problem should be fixed now.


Happy 2015 everyone. This is just an “status” post to note the new blog theme (twenty fifteen) and to make sure everything clicks when it is supposed to.

Website tanked – PHP and WordPress update to blame

My site was down because PHP didn’t like the new WordPress 3.2.1.

Long story short, if you get the dreaded “500 internal server error” after the WordPress 3.2.1 upgrade AND you are using 1&1 hosting, here’s what you need to do…

  1. Edit the php.ini file (or create a new one) to MEMORY=128MB (or just bump the number that is there up in increments of 64 MB)
  2. Edit the .htaccess file to force 1&1 to use PHP5 by adding “AddType x-mapp-php5 .php” (thanks TECHNOBLOG)
  3. Upload the changed files and you’re back.

A slight AAAAAAAAAAAAAA is just what I needed to wake me up this morning!

Wait, I have a blog? No way!

Oooohhhh yeah. It was one of those months. (Month and a half actually!) Big, bad, fast, relentless, ugly, and lots of sharp teeth.

I did manage to twitter almost daily, so I didn’t totally vanish off the ‘net.

Anyhow, now that things have calmed down I’m going to see if I can get this site moving again.

And with that….

Week! Of! Road! Trips!

I think the phrase “ahaheeyuhhhggh” can best sum up this last week. Road trip after road trip after road trip (all business based), followed by server crises after server crises. You know things are chankla-riffic when I don’t even have a moment to blog.

Anyhow, posts should resume to somewhat normal tomorrow.

Post #600 just checked in!

The “Monday Morning Music” for today was post #600! Not too bad for a “making it up as I go along” personal blog!

To celebrate the 600th post, I’ve stolen posted some more comic covers that also passed the big “600”! (I have no idea what I’m going to to for the 1k post though!)