Mac 10.7 slow? Uninstall TechToolPro!

Long story short, my Mac Book Pro was slowing down more and more. Disk repair wasn’t helping, removing everything from the startup items wasn’t doing it, and repairing the keychain(s) and trashing application preferences did exactly diddly/squat.

I was about to do the old nuke-and-pave when I found a blog titled tech-recipes with an article titled “TechTool Pro Brings OS X Lion to a Crawl”. I remembered I bought and installed TechTool on my mac as part of a drive recovery project I had about month ago.

I followed Tech-recipes’ directions on how to remove TechTool from my mac and restarted.

Did you hear an enormous yell of delight from somewhere in the southern United States today? Yeah. That would have been me.

My MacBook Pro is amazingly fast now. Windows fling open, startup finishes in seconds after I login, and most every application is back to snapping open. Did I mention there were some speed improvements? Speed like Ford Model-T with three flat tires to ion-rocket-low-orbit-around-Jupiter-for-lunch speed?

I’ve got to give an enormous thanks to Tech-Recipes and their TechTool Pro Brings OS X Lion to a Crawl post. If you have Tech Tool pro on your Mac, try following the directions in that post and see if removing it helps your Mac.