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New York Times free unlimited web access through Wednesday

In case you haven’t heard, the New York Times has completely removed all paywalls and is giving full and free unlimited access to their website through 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, November 9th.

No links. No sign ups. No tricks. Just head directly to…

Courting a disaster with open-door immigration

I saw an article in the New York Times titled “Migrants Flow, As Do Rumors, In South Texas” (see the article scan following my rant).

I don’t think anyone has mentioned a massive problem with how this is playing out right now.

Since there is “no specific plan to monitor compliance” for those illegally crossing over the border, what is to stop an Al-Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorist agent with intent to harm the US from crossing into the US completely undetected and dispersing into America once they are released with their free “bus ticket to travel where they have relatives in the country”?

Humanitarian care must be provided for those that need it, and the current immigration policy desperately needs streamlining, but there must also be an accounting for every individual who crosses over during this de-facto open-door immigration policy.

Failure to do so is courting a national security disaster.


Migrants Flow NYT article

Migrants Flow NYT article


EDIT: Corrected ISS to ISIS

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