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Date: October 19, 2009

Just passing through

Some late afternoon clouds today. Just passing through the area. It’s a nice, cool 87 degrees today (30.6 c) but it feels like 85 degrees (29.4 c). Any minute now, people are going to break out the wool jackets down here.

Not kidding.

Just passing through

Just passing through

Your Google voicemails may searchable on the web

In a ginormous “WHAT!!” moment today, it looks like the up and coming Google Voice has a little security issue it needs to mention.

A tech-security blog broke the news that “after entering “site:* ” into [the search bar on] Google, our reader was shocked and discouraged to be greeted by 31 voice mail messages belonging to random Google Voice accounts. Clicking on each revealed not only the audio file and transcript of the call, but it also listed the callers name and phone number as it would if you were checking your own Google Voice voice mail.”

Uh… yikes.

Google came out on their official forum and said these voicemails were posted on purpose, so it’s OK that they were found. And as a matter of fact… “Since the initial idea behind posting a voicemail, was precisely to share it with others, we did not restrict crawling of those messages that users post on the web, but we can certainly understand that users would want to make them public on their sites but not necessarily searchable directly outside of their own website. We made a change to prevent those to be crawled so only the site owner can decide to index them.”

Uh… yikes.

No matter what else comes of it this week, this little peek behind the curtain clearly shows that everything you say in Google Voice will definitely be saved, immediately transcribed, and will be searchable.

Searchable by whom is now the only question that matters.

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