NASA wants your school experiments for their next space balloon

Now where were projects like this when I was in school? NASA today announced they are… “accepting applications from students at U.S. colleges and universities who want to send their experiments to the edge of space on a high-flying scientific balloon.”

“The annual NASA project provides near space access for 12 undergraduate and graduate student experiments to be carried by a NASA high-altitude research balloon. The flights typically last 15 to 20 hours and reach an altitude of 23 miles. Experiments may include compact satellites or prototypes.”

Dude! For a former science geek, that’s one hell of an opportunity.

If you or someone you know is still in school, the press release says the “question-and-answer teleconference… will be held Nov. 13 at 11 a.m. EST. The deadline for applications is Dec. 18. NASA is targeting fall 2010 for the next flight opportunity. NASA expects to make selections in January 2010. Teleconference dial in information, application materials and technical details are available in the Call for Proposals document at: Information about NASA’s scientific balloon program is available at: More information about NASA’s education programs is available at:

And here’s the official link to this press release.

Nobody tell Richard or Mayumi Heene about this project, though. We all remember what happened the last time those two got near a balloon.