Six free applications for the Mac from MacHeist!

Effective immediately, Macheist is giving away 6 Macintosh applications absolutely free until 10 PM central time today only!

Just go to MacHeist here and click on the FREE icon. You’ll get Shove Box, Write Room, Twitterific, Tiny Grab, Hordes of Orcs and Mariner Write. All 100% free.

After answering a 4 question pop up window, you’ll get each application with a serial number registered to your name and email address. That’s not bad! Especially since all the apps together add up to around $154.

Shove Box is a menubar based organizer, designed to catch all the clips and texts that you would usually toss around in dozens of individual files.

Write Room is an awesome focus-based writing app. Your screen goes completely dark and you type in solid green. Once you get started writing in this app, it’s hard to stop.

Twitterific is a standalone app for checking and sending your tweets on Twitter. That’s better than having to keep a webpage open!

Tiny Grab instantly sends any screenshots you take from your mac to TinyShare for immediate web posting. That’s very handy for training and coaching seminars!

Hordes of Orcs is a tower defense kind of game where you have to stop a relentless horde of Orcs from taking over. Entertaining game!

Mariner Write is a good, fast and light word processor. Better than the built in Text Edit, and now, far better pricing than Word!

Grab ’em while they’re still out there!