Stupid human gets an innocent animal shot

You know, anyone who willfully jumps into a BEAR PIT has pretty much told the world they’re ready to check out. Seriously.

At the Berne Bear Park in Switzerland this weekend, police were called by park officials when they saw a man had been sitting on the edge of a bear pit for ten minutes. But just as the police arrived, the man jumped into the pit.

So after this idiot jumped in, the bear did what bears do when someone suddenly enters their living area unannounced. He pulled out a folding table and set a pot of tea on the burner and looked for some fresh biscuits. Oh wait, no he didn’t do that… he mauled him.

As the bear was illustrating the “my, what big teeth you have” part of the story, the police moved into the enclosure, eventually shooting the bear once in the chest. The bear spit out the idiot-sized chew toy, and the wall jumper got another chance at life.

In the article on the DailyMail website, it says this fellow was “mentally handicapped” and was “treated in hospital for severe head and leg injuries, and his condition yesterday was said to be comfortable”. So my question is what was a “mentally handicapped” man doing unsupervised at a bear park sitting on the edge of a 20 foot tall wall looking into a bear pit all by himself? For 10 whole minutes? And only jumping as the police were arriving?

This whole incident wasn’t the bear’s doing. The bear was in his home, minding his business, being a bear, and got shot for someone else’s stupidity. And I’m not completely blaming the “mentally handicapped” man on this one.

And as for the poor bear? The “vets… decided not to operate to remove the bullet splinters, treating him with antibiotics”

Great. Now this poor bear has 9mm fragments constantly moving around in his chest. Even for a big brown bear that’s got to suck.

Poor bear

Poor bear

Fortunately “Police and zoo officials say there has been an outpouring of public sympathy – for the bear. Bouquets of flowers and pots of honey have been placed outside his enclosure.”

Here’s the link to the original DAILYMAIL article.