General Mills to cut sugar in children’s cereals coincidentally as sugar prices reach 28 year highs

Better go buy a crate of Lucky Charms right now. General Mills just announced they are “…publicly committed to reducing sugar in cereals advertised to children to single-digit grams of sugar per serving.”

To put this in perspective, Lucky Charms and Trix both currently have 11 grams of sugar per serving. And they want to knock it down from there to a single digit. The article says “to ensure the cereals maintain their taste, the reductions will continue in a series of smaller steps.”

So its going to be a bit like quitting smoking, then. Smaller and smaller doses until the cravings are gone.

A strange coincidence, then, that General Mills decided to be all healthy and concerned for everyone’s welfare right when “tight global supplies sent [sugar’s] world futures prices to at least 28-year highs with bulk refined values jumping more than 10% last week and sugar users pleading for relief in the form of an “immediate” increase in import quantities.”

Uh huh. The 28 year high price of sugar has noooooothing to do with General Mills reducing the sugar in their cereals. Right.

I wonder how many boxes of Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms cereal will fit in my garage?