Recall : Wisconsin Cheeseman’s Cheese Logs and Cheese Balls

According to the FDA, “The Wisconsin Cheeseman announced today that it is recalling cheese log/cheese ball products…[because] some of its food items have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.”

The food items recalled are…

Sausage ‘N Cheese Logs – Gift #11
Cheese Logs & Cutting Board – Gift #87
Smorgasbord – Gift #325
Cheese Log Trio – Gift #365
Cheese Logs – Gift #411
Cheese Ball Trio – Gift #441
Cheese Logs – Gift #509
Snacker Pack – Gift #751
Cheese Balls & Sausages – Gift #876

Here’s the link to the FDA recall notice.

Followup on the man defending his home in the UK

A short time ago, I posted a story about a man and his family came who home from church services in Britain and they were all attacked in their own home by a knife wielding burglar. Long story short, the police arrested the homeowner for beating the burglar and let the real criminals go.

Today, that error was overturned.

“The Lord Chief Justice freed a father jailed for attacking an armed burglar, saying the case demanded mercy in the face of a national outcry.”

The Lord Chief Justice said ‘There are some situations which guidelines cannot and do not cover. This is one of them and today the sentence of the court must address and balance the ancient principles of justice and mercy. In this case the call for a merciful sentence is intense.”

It’s good to see that a focused public outcry still works. And good going Lord Chief Justice! Well done on a sensible interpretation of the law!

Here’s the link to article on the DailyMail.