New website : StopThisBill.Org

Full disclaimer: I voted for Obama. I wanted a change from apparent direction this country was heading in the previous administration. And I believed in Obama’s campaign ideas of a better America.

But I also think it will be a tremendous mistake if the healthcare bill, as it is currently written, passes into law. I think it has become far too distorted and amended from its’ original version to be a viable healthcare option for this country.

I would like your help in changing the healthcare bill before it is too late.

I just registered .net and .com. and, .net and .com to try and make a difference.

This new website I created has a simple initial petition. I want the health care reform bill, as it is written now, stopped and re-considered.

My hope is that the initial petition, after reaching a few thousand names, will attract enough legislative attention to stop the existing health care bill before it is enacted into law.

I also added a simple discussion forum on this website in the hopes that a second petition can be created through community forums. A second petition, authored by the internet community, that specifically outlines what should be in the healthcare plan and what should not be.

I think there’s a great collective intelligence online, and I would very much appreciate any help in signing the initial petition, and creating a second directive-based petition.

Hopefully this little project will draw some attention in a positive way to get the idea of healthcare back on track.

For now, I’ve added a page-peel effect in the upper right corner of this website to push some traffic to And I’m going to cross-post this announcement on some other blogs I’m a member of tonight and tomorrow.

Please feel free to tell me what you think about this idea either here or on the website or emailing me at admin(at)

We now return you to the personal website already in progress…

iPad? You’re kidding me.

I got my hopes up too high last week. Way too high.

I made a post on how it seemed that the Verizon would take over as the tablet’s 3g new provider.

It just isn’t so.

Apple officially announced today that AT&T is the de-facto provider for the 3G service on the new tablet. Engadget has the proof…

Engadget Photo

Engadget Photo

Unfortunately, the iBad also has no multitasking, no camera, no SMS, and no flash support. Even jailbreaking won’t help this POS!

Of course, it will sell millions despite this.

Does AT&T have some incriminating pics of Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki, and Steve Wozniak from the 80s? What do they have on Apple to stick around after all the horrible service they’ve pulled?

And for the record, I have (and still use!) a Compaq Tablet that does 3g (with a sprint add-on), WiFi, multitasking, SMS, flash support, full screen video, photo manipulation, and it plays games. It also has a detachable keyboard, a hardware VGA video out, a hardware Ethernet port for LAN connections, a modem port for sending and receiving faxes, customizable mini hardware control keys on the perimeter, an embedded stylus pen, and it reads every kind of electronic book you can put on a SD card… running on XP almost four years ago! It’s so old, it has been discontinued!

My Compaq

My Compaq

Tablet Specs 01

Tablet Specs 01

Tablet Specs 02

Tablet Specs 02

Tablet Specs 03

Tablet Specs 03

And finally, there’s a great writeup and review on Tech Republic on when the Compaq tablet first came out.

Welcome to the past! Uh, future!

Better. Bigger. Stronger.

It’s all about marketing! Welcome to the past future!

EDIT : More Compaq Tablet photos and technical info.