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Date: February 8, 2010

Want to see what people are spending money on in your area?

There’s a great site that shows you what households are spending money on in your area.

Just head over to to get started.

You can specify different locations, drill down on several key items, and even get statistical breakdowns on sub-groups and behaviors. Nice tool to have!

Thanks to consumerist for the find!

Search all 300,000 emails that Sarah Palin read (and wrote) while she was Alaska’s Governor

This ought to get real interesting pretty quick.

Back in September of 2008… “Aram Roston, then at NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, made several public records requests to the governor of the State of Alaska. Roston sought e-mails dated from January 2007 to September 24, 2008 that were copied to, directed to, or from Todd Palin and seven members of then Governor Sarah Palin’s staff, including Governor Palin. The records provided by the governor’s office consist of 2,544 pages and were subsequently provided to Bill Dedman, an investigative reporter. In collaboration with, Crivella West Incorporated, a knowledge discovery company, digitized, analyzed and arranged this Palin e-mail collection. Further, Crivella West categorized these documents into Special Collections for easy review. ”

Click here to search all 300,000 emails that Sarah Palin read (and wrote) while she was Alaska’s Governor.

Go now before the site goes down from all the traffic!


* Palin “coached her staff on how to disguise the amount of electrical work needed at the mansion to hook up her new tanning bed.”
* Palin and her staff “stewed over the refusal of the state Public Safety Department to provide a plane so the children could fly to Todd’s family’s home in Dillingham.”
* A Palin aide searched for a public event to use as justification — “I just need one” — to charge the state for an airplane flight for Palin’s daughter.

Oh, and Todd Palin’s email address is

USA Today page shows you where your tax money went

USA Today has put up a page that shows where your tax money went based on how much you are paid.

Of course, National Defense is always #1.

Too bad you can’t say where you want your taxes to go to.

Monday Morning Music 02/08/10

Every Monday I like to post some music to start the week off on the right foot.

This week’s post? Another double feature.

First… Freemasons ft. Amanda Wilson – Love On My Mind

And second… Bowling For Soup – 1985

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