Bypass a website with a reading quota

Have you ever been looking at a website and suddenly run into something like this?

Reading Quota 1

Reading Quota 1

Some websites like to set up a quota so you can only view their webpages a certain number of times before you have to sign up for an account or have to pay them a fee.

Most of the time, there’s a real easy way around this.

Just look at the URL of the blocked page in the top of your web browser. In the example above it was….,Authorised=false.html?

Yuck. Looks pretty complex, right? Don’t worry. All we need to do it look for the word FALSE in the first part of that mess.

Once you find it, just change the word false to true.,Authorised=true.html?

Now press ENTER in your web browser!

Reading Quota 2

Reading Quota 2

You can also just type the headline of the blocked article into GOOGLE and most of the time they’ll give you a direct link to the same article.

I wonder how much these companies spent on some cyber consulting group for this high tech security setup?