Passing March Skies [PHOTOS]

Just two miscellaneous photos I took this week.

This first one was from early in the afternoon. The wind had just come from the beach, and properly tussled your hair as it raced on by.

March Passing Skies

March Passing Skies

This second one was from late in the afternoon the same day. Although the skies were tinted a flush autumn red, the breeze was teasing my nose with slight floral scents of the oncoming spring.

March Skies At Dusk

March Skies At Dusk

One possible way to keep photos on your camera from being confiscated

Let’s say, hypothetically of course, you’re the kind of person who takes photos of foreign Law Enforcement Officers and their activities.

And let’s say, again hypothetically, those foreign LEOs in the country you are visiting just don’t feel all that pretty at that particular moment, and if they realize you have taken a photo of them, they decide to move toward you asking (very nicely, of course!) to see all the photos you just took.

I think I found a way out of a situation like this.

Hypothetically, of course.

First off, if you know you’re going to be in a foreign country, you really need to bring a new blank memory card for your camera. The risk of losing a special photograph just because it’s on the same memory stick you’re currently traveling with just isn’t worth it. Spend the $10 to $20 and have a new, blank memory card in your camera when you travel.

Second, you will need to take a series of this next image as the initial photos on your camera’s new memory card (click to enlarge)….



You will have to set your digital camera to capture “low light” or manually change the settings so you don’t get the “waves” on your monitor coming out on the photo. Plus you might need a tripod (or a stack of books) to make sure the image is in the same position in every photo.

When you have 7 (or more!) photos of that image, click to review it on your camera. If it looks centered and passable, you’re all set.

Here’s what hypothetically happens. As some foreign LEOs are heading toward you, press PLAY (or REVIEW) on your camera to get to the photos you have already taken. Hide every menu option that shows up on the LCD (that usually means pressing the DISPLAY button to cycle through the display options). When the camera’s LCD display is showing the photos you have already taken in full screen, press FORWARD on the review buttons to jump back to these first photos you took.

Photos that appear to say the camera’s memory card is empty.

Jump ahead 3 or 4 photos so you can cycle back and fourth.

Now here’s the moment you want to go for the academy award for best acting in a foreign film… act very apologetic. Very contrite. Right before the foreign Law Enforcement Officers get to you, say you’re very, very sorry, you didn’t know there was a problem taking photos in that area, and you have already erased the whole memory card. That’s why you were pushing all those buttons on your camera as they got closer! Show them the camera display, and press forward twice and back twice.

It really is better if your performance lets you keep the camera in hand, but if the foreign Law Enforcement Officers do grab your camera from you, and if you’re lucky, they will also press FORWARD and BACK to see if there are any images on the camera.

Nope. None at all officer!

And then, when you’re far, far away, you should immediately email those photos to get them out of your possession!

Of course, this is all just a silly hypothetical situation, and I have no idea if it will work at all in the real world. No idea whatsoever!

Best of luck, everyone!

Free iPhone app to write your senators : through March 16th only

There’s a free iPhone app called “Hello Washington” that lets you look up who your representative is, write them directly from your iPhone (or iPodTouch), call their office, read current bills, and much more.

When you install the application on your iPhone, you will need to provide a valid email address. Once you do, a activation code will be sent to that email account. Once you type in that activation code on the iPhone, “Hello Washington” will be unlocked. From there, you can write everyone! The President, Vice President, Representatives, or Senators. Not bad!

The only thing I would add is a county lookup for the representatives in the main listing. But aside from that, I think it’s a great application as is!

As a side effect of getting older, I’ve become a big fan of writing my representative on matters that concern me. This app should help speed things along quite a bit!

The author’s website is here and the link to the info page (and where you can launch iTunes) is here.

BONUS: Here’s their demo video from YouTube…