In another life, my work truck was an ambulance [PHOTO]

All the times I’ve used the work truck, I’ve never noticed this little sticker.

An ambulance in another life

An ambulance in another life

The sticker says “This vehicle is not equipped with the Ford Ambulance Preparation Package and is not suitable for use as an ambulance. Making this vehicle into an ambulance will void the Ford warranty and may result in elevated underbody temperatures, fuel over-pressurization, and the risk of fuel expulsion and fires.”


Now I’m wondering how to convert it.

To the lunatic right fringe… stop that foolishness right now. [RANT]



Every so often I cringe at who I voted for.

To all the right wing loons who are screaming to “target” their opponents with rifle scope icons, to force government to re-negotiate with them “at the end of a rifle barrel”, who damage the homes of those in government you do not believe in… thank you. It is a refreshing reminder when I hear such things why I voted for Obama in the first place.

Thank you for pushing people like me away from the center and squarely into another party, even if is only temporary.

When I have the choice of government, I will vote for those who will not legislate my personal liberties away or the liberties of the union. I will vote for those that have the retention of the wages I earn as a top priority. I will vote for those who uphold the entire Constitution, and not just pick and choose their favorite segments.

I will deeply respect those who civilly debate the opposing party, even in the face of bigoted, hateful and misinformed opposition… and especially through allusions of murder and mortal retribution.

Has Obama fulfilled my personal mandates? No. Not even a quarter of them. I will not hesitate to vote against Obama if another candidate appears in 2012 who is more in line with my personal beliefs and values.

But in case that candidate doesn’t appear, I will consistently vote for the lesser of two evils.

Do you want my vote? Then show me something. Something indicative of a IQ greater than room temperature. Debate the bills you oppose on their factual points. Illustrate what will happen if the bills you oppose pass with concrete examples in dollars and cents. Impress me with the learned debate those who actually thoroughly study an issue can express. If you’re showing me nothing but an emotional reaction, then I will suspect you have no logical content to back up your beliefs.

Oh, and that cartoon on the top? The one showing the government throwing out cash and crippling our nation? It’s from 1934. It was in the same time period that some outraged citizens, convinced the United States was leaning toward ruin, engaged in a plot to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt, the United States President at the time.

Same old, same old.

I listen to both sides. Everything they do, everything they say and everything they endorse. Both sides give me a good laugh, and both sides give me a royal headache. But right now, the far right is looking more and more insane with each passing day.

What I see on the right is an emotional movement enthralled by the same song and dance. Standing on the street corners with bullhorns screaming about how they think America is a fascist state. Lashing out at anyone that criticizes them or wants an expository on their core beliefs. Branding their party members, hopefully unwittingly, with a vulgar internet meme everyone under 30 is familiar with [NotSafeForWork explanation of what “teabaggers” are here].

This fringe is the golden prospect of the right’s future?

This is a Democratic system. You make change with your votes. You convince others to do the same through your deeds. Never through the thinly veiled allusions of murder and violence.

Direct and indirect advocates of violent change *are* the threat to society they steadfastly claim they are on the lookout for.

And I do not respond to threats.