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Date: April 15, 2010

AT&T covers more countries than actually exist?

AT&T now says they cover over 220 countries! That’s quite an upgrade to their cellular network!

AT&T Stupidity

AT&T Stupidity

This claim is really amazing since the United States’ State Department recognizes 194 independent countries and the UN says there are only 195!

Here’s the full list of countries from

Covering more than 25 imaginary countries! That’s AT&T!

Hey AT&T… tell the bonehead who came up with this ad to check out this crazy new thing called GOOGLE next time.

Need a six month extension to file your taxes?

For those of you who have not filed your income taxes yet, here’s the direct link to the IRS form 4868 for a six-month extension to file [NOTE: PDF FILE].

It’s better to have a day or two extra to get everything in line and file this next week as opposed to avoiding the whole process.

Off to do mine now! (D’oh!!)

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