“TD Two”? What kind of storm name is that?

I’ve been preparing, yet again, for another gulf storm that formed during the week. It’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things, though. More of a “oh, that’s not going to be fun” storm than a “bad” storm kinda thing.

Here’s the latest from NOAA

TD Two 1

…and here’s the view from the gulf satellite from WEATHER.COM

TD Two 3

You can see it isn’t that organized. The dark red bands aren’t anything I would want to go ahead and schedule a outdoor BBQ for, but it’s not hurricane-ugly. NOAA also says there’s only a 3% chance of it getting to a category one before it makes landfall…… tomorrow night?

TD Two 2

Good grief! It’s heading right for us!!

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

So basically, we’re expecting a ton of stronger-than-average rain and some stronger-than-average wind just in time for the weekend. I’ve still got the generator prepped in case TD TWO decides it wants to upgrade and go all BONNIE on us down here.