News stories the mainstream media missed : 08/21/10

Here are some news stories from this week that I think the mainstream media completely missed out on. All links are from legitimate news sources and not the fringe / wacko sites.

* Feeling a little social anxiety? Pop a Tylenol! Seriously! Studies show “acetaminophen relieves social pain”. I really expect to see “Social Strength” Tylenol on the store shelves soon… and probably for $5 more than “regular” Tylenol. [HCP LIVE]

* A personal submarine painted like a shark? That can jump out of the water? I want one! Underwater speakers to play the JAWS soundtrack are apparently sold separately. [NEATORAMA]

* The SEC charged New Jersey with securities fraud. So now the SEC is going to pop states that are misrepresenting their income and assets? This isn’t going to end well. [REUTERS]

* A “double dip” recession seems more possible day after day. I believe this was prophesied by the great philosopher “Freak Nasty” in the epic stanza…

I put my hand upon your hip
When I dip you dip we dip
You put yours and I put mine
And we can get down low
And roll it round


BONUS – Freak Nasty – Da’ Dip

* This week’s winner for the “RED ALERT / RAISE THE SHIELDS” story goes to Yahoo, as they say “the country is headed for rising unemployment, poverty, and violent class warfare as the government efforts to keep the economy going begin to fail.” Violent class warfare? I hope we’re just talking 11th grade vs 12th grade here. [YAHOO]

* The latest proof we’re living in the future? Night vision is coming to cell phones. Personally, I won’t be impressed until they add motion detection and an infrared scanner. [DISCOVERY]


The gulf oil spill isn’t over, no matter what the government says.

* “A study of the effects of the Deepwater Horizon spill has confirmed the presence of a toxic chemical residue one kilometre below the sea surface.” So now the oil is supposedly gone, only this wholesome toxic chemical is left? Frying pan? Fire. Fire? Frying pan. [BBC]

* Leave it to the people on the “front lines” to know what’s really going on, as “scientists and commercial fishermen appearing before a congressional hearing Thursday challenged assertions from the Obama administration that the “vast majority” of the oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico is gone.” [WSWS]

* Also, leave it to scientists to come up with some pesky little facts to screw up everybody’s celebration party. “Researchers say they saw a 22-mile hydrocarbon plume in Gulf” [CNN]

* Also, “new evidence shows that a 22-mile-long (35-kilometer-long), 650-foot-high (200-meter-high) pocket of oil has persisted for months at depths of 3,600 feet (1,100 meters).” [NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC]

* And even if, for some reason, all of the above wasn’t enough proof something is rotten in the Gulf, “”Corexit Is Being Sprayed at Night, Even Now (According to BP Vessel of Opportunity Workers and Others)” Sooooo, riddle me this. Why is Corexit still being sprayed if there’s nothing left for Corexit to get rid of? I have a feeling this is a trick question. [WASHINGTON”S BLOG]

Is it me, or does it look more and more like BP was hoping nobody looked below the surface for what is really underneath? Where did BP’s get this brilliant idea from? The Shallow Hal movie?


* American Airlines would like you to know they’re going to ream our wallets while laughing their asses off update their pricing structure once again. In their infinite heartless greed wisdom, they are now charging extra for front seats. [TBO]

* Finally, micro-needles are being developed to replace syringes. They’re small enough not to hurt like “regular” needles, but strong enough to deliver drugs into the bloodstream. Cool! I can also see tons of “secret agent” kinds of uses for these things as well. [NEATORAMA]

That’s all I got for this week. Back Monday!