U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services just launched CuidadodeSalud(dot)gov website

As part of the oncoming public and private health coverage changes everybody is going to have to deal with soon, the US government just updated their major healthcare.gov website with a Spanish-only version.

According to a press release from the US Department of Health and Human Services, a new website called CuidadodeSalud.gov was just launched, and is… “the first website in Spanish of its kind to help consumers take control of their health care by connecting them to new information and resources that will help them access quality, affordable health care coverage.”

“Consistent with the mandate in the Affordable Care Act, CuidadodeSalud.gov is the partner site of HealthCare.gov, which was launched in July 2010, and is the first website in Spanish to provide consumers with both public and private health coverage options tailored specifically for their needs in a single, easy-to-use tool.”

“In addition, the website is a one-stop-shop for information about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act as well as other health care resources. The website connects consumers to quality rankings for local health care providers as well as preventive services.”

CuidadodeSalud.gov is particularly important for Latinos, who have the highest rates of un-insurance in the nation—more than one in three Latinos are uninsured. Without healthcare coverage, Latinos have less access to care. Latinos are only half as likely to have a usual source of primary care, and half of Latinos do not have a regular doctor. Twenty percent of low-income Latino youth have gone a year without a health care visit – a rate three times higher than that for high-income Whites.”

If nothing else, I am glad the government is giving out information on this oncoming healthcare brontosaurus to everyone possible.

Click here to see the official English press release from HHS, or you can click here to read the official Spanish press release about the new site. You can also click here to jump straight to the cuidadodesalud.gov website or you can click here to go see the English version of healthcare.gov website.