FDA seized $700,000 worth of rice and packaged food products from United Food Service

The FDA and the U.S. Marshals played “beat the stupid company with a sharp pointy federal stick” today by shutting down a big United Food Service warehouse (AKA Sun Hong Kai Holding Inc).

Apparently the FDA found out that United Food Service was having a regular rat fiesta at one of their warehouses. “An FDA inspection of United Food Service’s facility… revealed “an active and widespread rodent infestation, including live and dead rodents within the warehouse where food products are stored.” FDA investigators found 28 live rodents, one dead rodent, apparent rodent droppings, 26 apparent rodent gnaw holes in multiple packages of food products, rodent urine stains on food packaging and four rodent nesting sites.”

What? You mean rats aren’t the cute “cook a four course meal and help you get the babe” blue furry happy critters like I saw in Ratatouille? Damn you, Disney! You lied to me again!!

Anyhow, the FDA yanked “$700,000 worth of rice and other packaged food products”, and nuked United Food Service from orbit, just to be sure closed down that warehouse.

Here’s the link from the official FDA site.