How to get rid of the mac Boonana Trojan Horse (AKA trojan.osx.boonana.a)

The website Secure Mac has found a new Trojan Horse that is making the rounds. What’s interesting about this one is that it’s specifically cross-platform, meaning both Macs and PCs are targeted.

What’s worse is that this Trojan Horse is spreading through lots of social networking sites. (Which usually means a widespread outbreak is imminent.)

The Secure Mac website says the Trojan Horse is “currently appearing as a link in messages on social networking sites with the subject “Is this you in this video?” When a user clicks the infected link, the trojan initially runs as a Java applet, which downloads other files to the computer… When run, the installer modifies system files to bypass the need for passwords, allowing outside access to all files on the system… While running, the trojan horse hijacks user accounts to spread itself further via spam messages.”


Secure Mac posted a free cure for this Trojan Horse that you can download here.

Once you’ve downloaded the virus removal app, double click on the BTRT.DMG icon and then double click on the “Boonana Trojan Removal Tool” drive that appears on your desktop.

From there, you can double click on the Boonana Removal Tool icon…

Boonana 01

…then click on the OPEN button when prompted…

Boonana 02

…ACCEPT the license agreement…

Boonana 03

…then press the SCAN button. That’s it.

Boonana 04

When the scan is complete (and it will only take a few seconds), you will see the results (and a small sales pitch for their software.)

Boonana 05

Just go to FILE and QUIT after the scan is complete!

Boonana 06

You can read more about it on the Secure Mac website here.

Monday Morning Music : 11/01/10

Every Monday I like to post some music to start the week off on the right foot.

This week…

The Hundred In The Hands – Pigeons

Foo Fighters – Times Like These

Jesse & Joy – Si Te Vas

The Ting Tings – Keep Your Head

…and finally, a classic… Whodini – Freaks come out at Night