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Date: November 23, 2010

How not to suck at Powerpoint [slideshow by Jesse Desjardins]

Jesse Desjardins put together an outstanding slideshow on how “not to suck” at giving powerpoint presentations.

It’s a great (and quick) read with 5 major design mistakes to avoid…


View more presentations from @JESSEDEE.

RT Tuesdays : 11/23/10

Every Tuesday I re-post all zee tweets that didn’t originate from this blog just to keep everything in sync.

This last week on Twitter…

  • iOS 4.2 Update Wipe Out Your iPhone Music? Try this. via @techcrunch (Nov 23rd via Tweet Button)
  • “Notes” on the iPad doesn’t let you AirPrint? Are you kidding me Apple? The iPad’s built-in notepad doesn’t support printing? (Nov 22nd via web)
  • New law: from 3 AM to 5 AM, no drive thru can ask if you want “regular or decaf” coffee. It won’t EVER be decaf coffee at 3, 4 or 5 AM! (5:41 AM Nov 22nd via Twitter for iPhone)
  • WSJ: New York’s high court ruled it is legal to take out a life-insurance policy and immediately sell it to a stranger. (12:03 AM Nov 21st via Twitter for iPhone)
  • Just watched movie “The Crazies”. Surprisingly good! Great movie for late night scare/thrill ride. (11:10 PM Nov 20th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • Scientists at CERN have captured and contained antimatter!! Anti-hydrogen atoms in a magnetic trap = trekkie bliss. (11:37 AM Nov 18th via Twitter for iPhone)

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