“Kokumi” wants to be a flavor along with sweet, salty, bitter, sour and “umami”

So I was reading the latest Food Business News magazine from my monthly reading pile when I saw an article that said “Kokumi Strives To Become New Flavor”.

Apparently I’m a platinum member of the old fart club now, because the only tastes I knew of were sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Somewhere along the way, something called Umami got in the door, and now Kokumi wants to join the party.

According to the article, Kokumi is “the rich, strong taste in food”, while another website defines Umami as the “savouriness” of food.

Here’s the best part. The article says “By human sensory analysis, we found that various extracellular calcium-sensing receptors (CaSR) agonists enhance sweet, salty, and Umami tastes, although they have no taste themselves… these characteristics are known as “kokumi taste” and often appear in traditional Japanese cuisine.”

Soooo it’s a taste that has no taste.


Here’s the link to iPhone Genius Scan of the article…

Kokumi - New Flavor

A drive through (and pick up a drink) store called Hit and Run? [PHOTO]

I’ve been on the road again this week, and recently I was passing through deep (deeeeeep!) southwest Texas when I saw this awesomeness off the road. A drive through and pick up a drink store called “Hit and Run”.

Hit & Run Drive Thru

Stores like this are all over the place in Texas. Drive up, grab a drink and some snacks, and keep on going! But I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite so ballsy, though. (pun intended)

Cold beer! Getcher cold beeeeerrrr! Cold beer!

RT Tuesdays : 12/07/10

Every Tuesday I re-post all zee tweets that didn’t originate from this blog just to keep everything in sync.

This last week on Twitter…

  • HuffingtonPost AT&T rated worst carrier–surprised? http://huff.to/gLVQvj (about 12PM December 7th via web by bbosker Retweeted by RoyceEddington and 89 others)
  • According to the height sticker by the restaurant door I just ate at, I’m 6 feet 6 inches tall today! My clothes feel the same though. (12:00 PM Dec 6th via Twitter for iPhone)
Angry Tier 1

Angry Tier 1

Angry Tier 2

Angry Tier 2

  • Wikileaks releases “List of facilities ‘vital to US security'”. What possible positive good will come of releasing this? http://j.mp/eZG0sP (11:35 PM Dec 5th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • The new Wendy’s fries are really good! Even at 1 AM! That is all! (1:02 AM Dec 5th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • Angry Birds Christmas Tip : the advent clock isn’t set to your local time zone. Everybody gets it at the same time. http://yfrog.com/f1b4v0j (10:43 PM Dec 4th via Twitter for iPhone)
Angry Birds Advent 2

Angry Birds Advent 2

  • Angry Birds Christmas only lets you open a level a day like an advent calendar! Free update from Halloween version. http://yfrog.com/1739s0j (12:15 AM Dec 4th via Twitter for iPhone)

Angry Birds Advent

Angry Birds Advent

  • New Apple iPad cases now come with a cleaning cloth. In grand Apple tradition, early adopters got screwed again. http://yfrog.com/72ultfj (12:49 PM Dec 3rd via Twitter for iPhone)
Thanks Apple!

Thanks Apple!

  • Yes, the sign says no MEN beyond this point. But it says nothing about A man! Semantics! Right? Right? http://yfrog.com/j0ias0j (11:15 PM Dec 2nd via Twitter for iPhone)
Semantics matter!

Semantics matter!

  • billamend Kevin Bacon’s Logitech ad is six degrees of brilliant…can’t wait to show my Tremors-loving wife…http://bit.ly/fw37pP (6:00 PM Dec 2nd via web Retweeted by RoyceEddington and 25 others)
  • CNN: Interpol puts Julian Assange on most wanted list. Specifically an Interpol “Red Notice”. http://j.mp/hyntRZ (12:55 AM Dec 1st via Twitter for iPhone)

News stories the mainstream media missed : 12/04/10

Here are some news stories from this week that I think the mainstream media completely missed out on. All links are from legitimate news sources and not the fringe / wacko sites.

* Get married to a woman 40 years younger than you are. Quit smoking when you’re 106 years old. Apologize for cooperating with the Nazi regime 50 years after the fact. Could this the Dos Equis’ “most interesting man in the world’s” evil twin brother? [MSNBC]

* How many levels of hell are there? We have a volunteer who wants to find out! Step right up! Step right up! “A former Roman Catholic priest charged with sexually abusing a teenage boy in rural Texas is now accused of plotting the teen’s murder.” At the sound of the FWOOOSH the time will be one sinner past midnight. [FOX NEWS]

* Some people deserve free speech more than others! That’s apparently Al Sharpton’s motto as he’s trying to get the FCC to yank Rush Limbaugh’s broadcast license because he doesn’t agree with what he’s saying. Um, Al? I might have some bad news for you on this one. [EXAMINER.COM]

* Did you know the TSA is looking for new recruits? And they’re advertising these job openings on pizza delivery boxes? Suddenly a great many things about the TSA make sense. [UPI]

* China and Russia say using dollars are sooooo 1990’s and they’re, like, totally over them. This is bogus news for US. [CHINA DAILY]

* So there’s glowing trees in the works? Bio-luminescent trees like the Avatar movie had? And they’re specifically designed to replace streetlights? Somebody go get the knights who say “Nee”. Their awesome shrubbery has been found! [MSNBC]

* Why do kids from the same parents with the same genes and living in the same household all come out different? That’s one of those questions you think you have the answer to, until you actually try and answer it. Scientists think they got it now. [NPR]

* In the “maybe things really are getting worse” department, NYC has decided if they feed prisoners less food, they’ll save some money! You know things are getting bad when ideas like this make it out the door and get approved. [UPI]

* And finally, Al Gore admitted he made a slight boo-boo. An itsy bitsy one. He really didn’t mean it when he said corn ethanol was good for the environment. He just wanted some votes! Ah. I see. So my next question would be what else have you done for votes that was “good for the environment”? [MSNBC]

That’s all I got this week. Back Monday!

Tiger Text – for (apparently) secure SMS and text messaging

I’ve been so buy at work I haven’t had time to post about a great little app I found while going through the monthly reading pile.

The winter 2010/2011 issue of CSQ had a interview with TigerText CEO Jeffrey Evans. TigerText is an ingenious little app that Evans says is “a texting service that allows senders to have absolute control over their messages.”

“The sender chooses a lifespan for their messages from one minute to 30 days. Once that lifespan is expired, the message deleted from your phone, the recipients phone, and all servers in-between. The messages cannot be copied or forwarded. You have control over the communication that you send. When it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Oh hell yes. Where do I sign up?

TigerText is free for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows 7. All you do is download the app from your phone’s app store, setup a user name, and you’re done!

TigerText can scan your existing contacts and automatically add those who already have TigerText installed on their phone (based on matching emails and phone numbers I’m guessing). I chose not to do that and am using the individual direct-invitation option (which I think is a little more secure).

There’s a very thorough walkthrough the first time you launch the app that shows you how to set your messages to delete. You can set each message individually so sections of conversations will delete at different times.

After the scheduled time is up, you will be left with nothing but tiger tracks on screen where the conversation used to be.

TigerText Test photo

Evans says there’s nothing he can do about someone taking a screenshot of the conversation in progress, a video/photo of the phone as you’re typing, or anything out of the app’s control like that. But he does say the TigerText servers don’t keep any information, and when the conversation is deleted, it really is deleted everywhere.

I like it. It’s easy enough to use daily and adds another layer of privacy to SMS and text conversations.

Check it out at TigerText’s website.

Apple doesn’t like me pointing out the obvious – early adapters got screwed on the iPad case

So there I was, setting up 12 more corporate iPads this week, when I made a discovery I thought I would share with Apple on their forums.



I just bought several Apple iPad cases for the company I work for, and I see they now come with a nice big cleaning cloth!


Apple iPad case now comes with a cleaning cloth

The first 12 I bought from Apple earlier this year had nothing but the case inside.

In the grand Apple tradition, early adopters got screwed again.

Thanks guys!


I received this response from Apple shortly afterward…


Your post was removed from Apple Discussions as it contained feedback or feature requests. These areas are intended to address technical issues about Apple products. Although your feedback is appreciated, unfortunately these forums are not designed for it and your thoughts/concerns will not get the attention they deserve.

If you would like to send feedback to Apple about a product, please use the appropriate selection at http://www.apple.com/feedback/
As part of submitting feedback, please read the Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy linked to the feedback page.

Sometimes you have comments or concerns for which there is no technical response. If you need the kind of help that a troubleshooting expert can’t provide, you can call Apple’s Customer Relations group.

Apple Discussions Staff


Oh. I’m supposed to use the feedback page. Right. That will do it!

Gameloft’s advent calendar giveaway – iPhone and iPad freebies all December

Gameloft announced on their blog they are “offering a surprise gift every day in December until Christmas to all our fans and anyone who is in the festive spirit.”

“Every day we’ll announce our surprise on our Twitter account (http://twitter.com/gameloft). All you have to do is click on the link in the tweet to enjoy your present. What can you get? A free game to play on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android device, or on Facebook? Exclusive sneak peeks or cool goodies for our hottest upcoming Christmas games? Crazy game discounts?”

Free is always good. But free from a high-quality gaming company is even better!

The freebies expire every 24 hours, so grab the apps quick if you want them.

Today’s freebie is DRIVER for the iPhone/iPad.