Free phone call from Santa, courtesy of Google Voice

Google is once again busting out the awesomeness by offering a free phone call from Santa through their Google Voice service.

The setup is really straightforward, and although it’s mostly geared for kids, there’s a few options that can make it funny to send to just about anyone. It also has a email and Facebook and Twitter option if you want Santa to go all high-tech on you.

I’m getting on the site and firing off a few right now.

Thanks Google!

“Kokumi” wants to be a flavor along with sweet, salty, bitter, sour and “umami”

So I was reading the latest Food Business News magazine from my monthly reading pile when I saw an article that said “Kokumi Strives To Become New Flavor”.

Apparently I’m a platinum member of the old fart club now, because the only tastes I knew of were sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Somewhere along the way, something called Umami got in the door, and now Kokumi wants to join the party.

According to the article, Kokumi is “the rich, strong taste in food”, while another website defines Umami as the “savouriness” of food.

Here’s the best part. The article says “By human sensory analysis, we found that various extracellular calcium-sensing receptors (CaSR) agonists enhance sweet, salty, and Umami tastes, although they have no taste themselves… these characteristics are known as “kokumi taste” and often appear in traditional Japanese cuisine.”

Soooo it’s a taste that has no taste.


Here’s the link to iPhone Genius Scan of the article…

Kokumi - New Flavor