News stories the mainstream media missed : 12/11/10

Here are some news stories from this week that I think the mainstream media completely missed out on. All links are from legitimate news sources and not the fringe / wacko sites.

Special FIVE POINTS OF FIST OF DEATH NINJA KARATE NEWS version!! (Ok, fine, I’m really doing Christmasy stuff this weekend and I’m way behind. But FPOFODNKN sounds way cooler.)

* LA banned any new fast food restaurants in poor neighborhoods some time ago, but promised it was only a temporary thing. Apparently all the bribe checks bounced, because this week they made it a permanent ban! Take that all you wackos who want jobs and food! [REASON]

* Mount Everest. No breathable air. Hidden pits of death you can fall into. And frozen dead bodies everywhere. Hey, howcome none of those little details are in the damn brochure?! [GODHEADV]

* Fu-Go Fire Balloon Bombs sounds like the daily special at a half-star Japanese restaurant. But it’s actually a world war II prototype weapon the Japanese invented to bomb America. Crazy invention details to follow. [ENVIRONMENTAL GRAFFITI]

* I remember my first philosophy class. The professor started one lesson by saying “We mostly visualize the future as one direction. Forward. Never ending and heading off in one direction.” (he drew a long line on the chalkboard going right) “My question today is” (he drew a line on the chalkboard from the beginning of the same line, but this time going to the left) “Why can’t our past, and time, go on forever as well, but in the opposite direction?” Cheesy? Definitely. A slow pitch? Big time. But it was a 101 class, and that was enough to blow the mind of quite a few classmates. I hope he’s reading my blog today, because scientists have just found out “the universe may have existed forever”. [THE ECONOMIST]

* You remember when reporters were blunt and factual and weren’t all trying to be your OMG LOL BFF and all that crap? This site put together a old-school news reporting 101 on Wikileaks! More news like this please. [TECHNOLOGY REVIEW]

That’s all I got for now. Back Monday!