Recall : Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution from Ritedose Corporation

Yow. This is a scary recall because I know someone who is using this specific product to get over their pneumonia.

Albuterol Sulfate (the Inhalation Solution) “is a prescription inhalation solution, administered via nebulization, for the treatment and maintenance of acute asthma exacerbations and exercise induced asthma in children and adults.”

“This product is being recalled because the 2.5 mg/3 mL single use vials are embossed with the wrong concentration of 0.5 mg/ 3 mL and therefore, represents a potential significant health hazard.”

Um, yeah. Slight difference in .5 mg and 2.5 mg doses. Albuterol Sulfate doesn’t play nice with significant increases like this, either.

“Administration of this defective product could result in a range of potential health effects that spans from temporary and medically reversible to life threatening and death. There is significant concern that health professionals who read the incorrect embossed concentration may upwardly adjust the volume of product used resulting in an administered amount that is 5 times the recommended dose.”

“The following lot numbers manufactured by The Ritedose Corporation under NDC: 0591-3797-83, 0591-3797-30, and 0591-3797-60 are included in the recall: 0N81, 0N82, 0N83, 0N84, 0NE7, 0NE8, 0NE9, 0NF0, 0P12, 0P13, 0P46, 0P47, 0PF0, and 0S15. No other Albuterol formulations or products are included in this recall.”

If you know someone who has a nebulizer and is using it to get better, please check with them to see what specific meds they are using.

Here’s the link to the FDA article.

Monday Morning Music : 01/03/11

Every Monday I like to post some music to start the week off on the right foot.

This week… it’s back to work!

Bass Down Low – The Cataracs (feat Dev.)

Skillet – Awake and Alive

Berlin – Like Flames

…and finally, Van Halen – (Oh) Pretty Woman