RT Tuesdays : 01/11/11

Every Tuesday (slightly delayed today because a ‘effin CONCRETE CRANE took a bite out of my ROOF!) I re-post all zee tweets that didn’t originate from this blog just to keep everything in sync.

This week on Twitter…

  • Thanks @Ploom. With my roof getting busted up by a crane, this little package is exactly what I need today. http://yfrog.com/hsrphej (about 3:12 PM via Twitter for iPhone)


  • A ginormous concrete-pouring boom crane took a long bite out of my roof. Welcome to 2011. (about 9 AM via Twitter for iPhone)
  • Westboro to picket funeral of 9 y/o girl killed in AZ shooting. Town making “angel wings” to contain and surround them. http://j.mp/hFI8uG (about 8 AM via Twitter for iPhone)

  • WSJ: Chinese J-20 stealth fighter looks a lot like MiG-31 from 1982 “Firefox” movie. Print version only p.A9. http://yfrog.com/h2mo6poj (about 9 PM 01/10/10 via Twitter for iPhone)


  • As a man it is also in my DNA to safely eat anything labeled as “food” in a gas station without taking any permanent damage. (1:16 PM Jan 10th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • Wait. “Fancy bread” as in “whimsical idea origin”? Not “fancy bread” as in “olive loaf with jalapeños”? Damn. I thought I had that one. (5:21 AM Jan 10th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • Q: “Where is fancy bread, in the heart or in the head?” A: Depends. Are you wanting split-top, wheat, multigrain, stone ground or hawaiian? (5:20 AM Jan 10th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • “@wikileaks: WARNING all 637,000 @wikileaks followers are a target of US gov subpoena http://is.gd/koZIA” – so reading = criminal activity? (8:43 PM Jan 8th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • ebertchicago: Sarah Palin rummages online frantically erasing her rabble-rousing Tweets like a Stalinist trimming non-persons out of photos. (6:04 PM Jan 8th via web Retweeted by RoyceEddington and 100+ others)
  • Apparently there’s a market for an automatic egg cracker for those elusive “perfectly cracked eggs”. http://yfrog.com/gz162hj (7:02 PM Jan 8th via Twitter for iPhone)
Egg Cracker

Egg Cracker

  • Schnook: (Yiddish) a gullible simpleton more to be pitied than despised; “don’t be such a shnook”. Now a kids toy! http://yfrog.com/h7d1vvzj (5:10 PM Jan 8th via Twitter for iPhone)
Shnook or Schnook?

Shnook or Schnook?

  • nytimes: U.S. Subpoenas Twitter Accounts of WikiLeaks Figures http://nyti.ms/h5AFvI (9:11 AM Jan 8th via The New York Times Retweeted by RoyceEddington and 89 others)
  • Drunken rambling or 80s song? “We’re heading for Venus and still we stand tall / ‘Cause maybe they’ve seen us and welcome us all” A: 80s! (1:42 PM Jan 7th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • Late new years resolution: only drop and break cheap easily replaceable things. Breaking expensive impossible to replace things is so 2009. (8:10 AM Jan 7th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • WSJ: “AT&T flipped a switch and turned on 4G Wed… the switch, however, was (only) in their marketing department.” http://j.mp/dQ9rqE (7:35 PM Jan 6th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • Overheard at WalMart – old man w cane to a kid playing DS: “Quit them video games. You gonna brag about pushin buttons in the nursing home?” (11:02 AM Jan 6th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • HuffingtonPost More unexplained bird and fish deaths http://huff.to/hYpi9L (6:48 AM Jan 5th via web by HuffPostGreen Retweeted by RoyceEddington and 100+ others)
  • Motivational speaker at seminar said “think of your life as a movie!” I said “the CG budget sucks and I want to direct”. He wasn’t amused. (8:46 AM Jan 5th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • iPhone/iPad “Meteor Notes” app warning: update posted today will wipe out all data you had in older MN version. Now not even on app store. (8:16 PM Jan 4th via Twitter for iPhone)