The last launch of the space shuttle Discovery

With all the fires burning in the world, hardly anyone noticed today was the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery. Just another forgotten technological miracle, over 30 years old now, making its’ last incredible leap into space.

You’ve got to click to see it fullscreen.

Although watching this launch was great, the quote in the CNN story from NASA’s administrator Charles Bolden sums up my overall feelings about NASA and the shuttle program.

“”What is not acceptable is the fact that the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America, finds itself in a situation that we didn’t do the proper planning to have a vehicle in place to replace [the] shuttle when it lands its last landing,” Charles Bolden said.”

All I can add is I hope the crew has fun up there and comes home safe.

TIL : Royce is a famous Japanese chocolatier company

Royce Store

Royce Store

Today I Learned Royce is a famous Japanese chocolatier company! You know, for years I was the only real holder of the “Royce” title. Then some ninja master starts some fancy fight club thing, and before him there was some car company that rolled with it, and now there’s even a Prince Royce out there! Did I miss a meeting somewhere?

Anyhow, Royce chocolatier makes and sells fun stuff like chocolate potato chips, marshmallow chocolates, coffee bean chocolate (my only kind of chocolate!) and a lot more “normal” chocolate varieties that look pretty awesome.

They’ve got stores in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines so far. Some stores look more “upscale” than others, but it’s still awesome to see that name up on neon/billboard signage.

What really impressed me about the company is their criteria for working on the food production line. It’s much more strict than any kind of food assembly place I’ve seen on the Food Network.

Royce Store #2

Royce Store #2

“Before entering the production line area, everyone is required to wear a factory uniform and shoes before passing through an air tunnel which removes dust. Adhesive tape rollers are then used to ensure that no dust remains on the clothes. Finally, hands are to be washed and disinfected. No one may proceed to the production line until he has strictly completed this process. ”

Unfortunately they are “not able to ship products outside Japan for individuals” so I’m out of luck for getting a firsthand taste test for now.

So in case any Royce chocolatiers ever drop by this site… 私はあなたのビジネスは常に成功することを望む!!