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Date: March 30, 2011

There’s some tricky cat math involved here

So there I was shopping at a local Target when I found another brilliant pricing scheme in the cat food isle.

I can get 10 of these things for $4….

Cat Math 01

…or I can buy a box of 12 for $3.84.

Cat Math 02

Seriously, why bother putting things like this on “sale” if it isn’t going to move product?

RT Tuesdays : 03/29/11

Every Tuesday I re-post all zee tweets that didn’t originate from this blog just to keep everything in sync.

This week on Twitter…

  • Mis-remembered famous Empire Strikes Back quote as “strong enough to wrestle the ears off a Brumak.” Gears of Star Wars? #nerdoverdrive (29 Mar)
  • AT&T is sucking more than usual. One bar, dropped calls, and an O instead of 3G. Their “4G network” is 4Giggles. #at&tsucks (29 Mar)
  • GOW2 had a surprise at end of credits. I totally know what’s coming in GOW3 just from that. How do you break into writing for games anyhow? (28 Mar)
  • Waiting for re-visit of a/c repair and finished Gears of War 2. Epic game all the way through. Might break my rule and buy 3 at full price. (28 Mar)
  • Random thought: I wonder how many budding comedians’ careers were tragically cut short because they got therapy instead of an audience. (27 Mar)
  • Oh captain! My cupcake captain! The snacks we sought are won! #hostesscrack (26 Mar)
Hostess Crack!

Hostess Crack!

  • TIL there’s now a product called BUBBA BURGER. Strangely tempted. (26 Mar)
Bubba Burger!

Bubba Burger!

  • Last pic. Plane crossed over its’ own path. Almost looks like a figure 8. Strange. (26 Mar)
Plane U turn 2

Plane U turn 2

  • I was having a garage sale with relatives earlier and saw a plane make a very sharp turn. Contrail is U shaped. (26 Mar)
Plane U turn

Plane U turn

  • 7 hours into Gears Of War 2. Flamethrowers! Incredible graphics! And a hell of a side story with Dom. GOW2 might pull me back into gaming. (25 Mar)
  • One hour in. Highly impressed with Gears of War 2. Already used up my monthly allotment of swearing. Sniper rifle and chainsaw FTW. (25 Mar)
  • Heavily caffeinated. Waiting for a/c repair to arrive. Playing Gears of War 2 for the first time. DOM! LETS GO! (25 Mar)
  • A very expensive envelope arrived today. That’s a $2,600 DVD in my hand. (23 Mar)
Expensive dvd!

Expensive dvd!

  • Jnoubiyeh (Sarah Abdallah) RT  The bombing of Gaza will not cause Western powers to call for a #NoFlyZone. It will cause them to write more checks for Israel’s “security.” (23 Mar)
  • Wow. Just installed Firefox 4. Massive improvement. #fx4 (22 Mar)

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