How to import a .CSV address export file into Network Solutions webmail

To import a .CSV file successfully into Network Solution’s webmail client, you need to key in some very particular field names on the top row of the .CSV file before importing.

The field names are…

  • Given name : First Name
  • Sur name : Last Name
  • Street home : Address
  • Email 1 : Email
  • Telephone home 1 : Phone

The words don’t have to be in bold or larger than the regular .CSV text, but they do have to be spelled and spaced in the exact same manner as the examples above. From there, you can go to the CONFIGURATION icon in Network Solutions webmail, and then choose the IMPORT .CSV option to pull your exported addresses into the Network Solutions webmail client.

Leave it to Network Solutions to mandate some archaic field names to import a .CSV file and not have a basic import-field-mapper in place to make life easier.