About that Syrian M&M image…

About that Syrian M&M thing
Got tired of seeing that Syrian M&M image floating around. So I made this as a simple counter point.

To everyone saying the solution is to ban or turn away all Syrian refugees, let me ask you a few questions…

  • Have you considered using the refugees AGAINST the supposed ISIS infiltrators? You know… roll out the red carpet, make them feel at home, show them how wonderful America really is/can be?
  • All this talk from certain people about monitoring and observing refugees and certain religions… that doesn’t sound Orwellian at all? If someone said “mandatory IDs” and “cameras in churches” in any other context, what would your reaction be?
  • How many people from foreign countries do you know? Or have you known? Seriously?

Let the fireballs commence!

My thoughts on Black Friday…

We need you to wait in the elements overnight and get into physical altercations with borderline psychotics to feed the homeless.

We need you to wait in the elements overnight and get into physical altercations with borderline psychotics to save $20 on a TV.

Windows 7 blinking black login failure with touchscreen PCs 11/11/15

If you update your touchscreen-enabled PCs running Windows 7 automatically, you’re in for a really bad day today. 

Windows released an update that completely screws up touchscreen PCs. When you click on a user to login, you will see a black flash on screen, then get kicked back to the login screen in an infinite loop. There’s no way in. 

Here’s the fix…

  • Click the red icon in the lower right and choose REBOOT
  • When the PC starts up and before the WINDOWS logo appears, press F8 repeatedly
  • In the black screen that appears, choose REPAIR WINDOWS
  • Eventually a list of choices will appear. Choose RESTORE MY PC TO AN EARLIER TIME
  • In the next window that appears, click the SHOW MORE RESTORE OPTIONS at the bottom
  • Choose a restore at least a week prior and click NEXT
  • WAIT while Windows restores your system
  • When it completes, regardless of what it says, choose REBOOT

After an agonizingly long wait, your PC will boot back to normal. 

Nice one Microsoft. Nobody in Redmond have a damn touchscreen to beta these on?

What laws would you like a new president to enact, regardless of political party?

I’m getting real tired of the dog and dead-horse show that’s passing for political “debate” nowadays.

How about pushing for a “I don’t care who is elected; this needs to be a law right now” political party.

Right off the top of my head, I’ve got two…

#1 – To stimulate the economy, grant immediate tax relief for all public school educators. No federal taxes while they hold that position and a 100% rebate of their 2014 tax filing.

#2 – No family member of any federally wanted felon in the US, Mexico, or Europe can attend any schooling of any kind in the US.