Pharmaceuticals Found in Grocery Fish Fillets

One of the magazines in my massive reading pile is LCGC. (Chromatography! Long story. Don’t ask.)

ANYHOW, in a recent article, they found something particularly nasty showing up in some grocery fish fillets.


Not meds like the fish swam up with little Tylenol pills duct-taped to their fins, but meds IN their system. Specifically, “anti-histamines and compounds used to medicate anxiety and seizures.”

While they don’t list the grocery stores they sampled these fish from, the big AHOOOOOGAH part is they have already traced where the source of the meds are coming from.

Improperly filtered waste water.

The med-laced water is coming from “wastewater treatment plants that are not commonly designed to eliminate the drugs because they are non-regulated water contaminants.”

In other words, existing waste water treatment plants are NOT set up to handle filtering out pharmaceutical particles, and are returning water to the ocean and water tables as “clean” when it really isn’t.

So, to put the AHOOOOOGAH in English…

  • Waste water treatment plants DO NOT FILTER OUT PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICAL DRUG PARTICLES because they are not listed as “water contaminants”
  • The meds are coming from people via improperly disposed of meds that are either flushed or washed away
  • Waste water full of pharmaceuticals are being piped back into the ocean, water tables and city drinking supplies
  • Medically contiminated food is already at the grocery stores
  • And, to top it off, scientists are actually worried about this and say “this study highlights the need for further investigation into emerging contaminants including non-regulated pharmaceuticals and personal care products.”

Expect this to take off once a major news outlet picks up on it. All they have to do is start with the fact that waste water treatment plants DO NOT FILTER OUT PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICAL DRUG PARTICLES and go from there! Fun!

The science and their findings are at their website here.