AT&T has a plan! Charge you more to fix their horrible cellular service!

AT&T just delivered another brilliant plan to fix their busted-ass antiquated network.

Starting their new project in San Francisco and New York, they intend to install a mini-cell tower in homes that are connected to their internet service to boost the homeowner’s cellphone signal.

But wait! There’s more! Since this is AT&T, they intend to charge $150 for installing and using this mini-cell tower, and will also charge additional minutes for cell phone calls that come in over this device!

AT&T is so damn stupid and incompetent, it’s amazing how they stay in business day to day.

Like one of their customers said in the article… ““They want to find a new way to make money off me, versus actually servicing me for the money I pay already… They’re trying to find a way to profit from their weakness.”

Here’s the link to the article on the New York Times.

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