77 CDs for $77

I’ve been lagging behind posting because I found a local department store in town that’s been quietly getting rid of their entire audio CD department.

Every new shrink wrapped CD with a red sticker is $1.

This is a major brand-name store too, so I know they’re all legit CDs.

Sooooo needless to say I’ve been going slightly bananas. Last night I picked up 77 CDs for $77. If I bought them for their average price of $11.99, I would have spent $923.23 to get these same 77 CDs, so I actually saved $846.23.

The photo has last night’s run stacked 5 CDs high (except for the top left corner with Stevie Wonder).

77 CDs for $77

77 CDs for $77

White Stripes, Ray Charles, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, She Wants Revenge, Parliament, BB King, Usher, Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, Black Eyed Peas, MGMT, Paula Cole, Melissa Etheridge, Staind, Static X, Willie Nelson, The Boxmasters… they’ve got everything. Even The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack!

I’m going back later today to see if there’s anything left after the official announcement was made earlier today.

Now I need to get a really big frikin’ hard drive to rip these to!

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