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My next home needs a waterslide from the bedroom to the pool

A secret underground mansion with a waterslide going directly from the bedroom to the pool? A central jacuzzi with an atrium above it?

funny real estate - Like Living in Your Own Underground Lake

Slide A

Slide A

Slide B

Slide B

Slide C

Slide C

Looks like a nice summer home for Tony Stark.

Even though the realtor obviously photoshopped some parts of it, and I think 4,300 sq feet is kind of smallish for a $3 million dollar mansion, I still want it.

Great news! I only have $2,999,980 to go! No problem!

Here’s the listing on Country Life (with more interior photos).


The Humble Indie Bundle – 5 games + 2 charities for any price


Transmorphers? Terminators? These movies remind me of something…


  1. Sweet mother, such Dubai-esque decadence! Also, what a great way to wake up, huh? Slide out of bed and WEEEE SPLASH! What wondrous feats could be accomplished by starting the day with that kind of jolt supplanting the java…

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