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Consumer Reports says there is a significant design flaw in the new iPhone and do NOT recommend it

A new article on Bloomberg today whips out a size 13 chankla and goes all upside Steve Job’s head.

The first paragraph of the story says that “Consumer Reports said it isn’t recommending Apple Inc.’s iPhone 4 following tests confirming it has a hardware flaw that causes signal quality to degrade. “The problem seems to be a design flaw, and it is significant,” Mike Gikas, senior electronics editor for Consumer Reports”

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

And duh!

I’ve been suffering with AT&Ts craptacular service for years now, and it’s only a matter of time before I can finally get away from dropped calls, dozens of missed texts that suddenly flood in, and phones that don’t ring when someone calls me. But I have noticed the iPhone itself will completely “forget” it has WiFi, and will often power off for no reason. Neither of those problems have anything to do with AT&T’s service.

Maybe Apple and AT&T were made for each other after all.

For a brand new 2010 iPhone to drop calls because someone is “holding it wrong” is complete garbage. That should have been caught in the “alpha” stage of testing, not the “consumer testing” phase.

Here’s the link to the Bloomberg article.


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