A giant storm is rolling across the Atlantic. And I mean a giant giant storm.

I was checking NOAA just now (Insomnia!!! Whoo Hoo!!!) and saw there’s a giant bohonkus storm that’s rolling across the Atlantic. It’s the one on the lower right in the next photo.

Gulf Sized Storm 01

It doesn’t look too bad over the ocean, but using my Photoshop ninja skills, I put it over the Gulf of Mexico…

Gulf Sized Storm 02

… and, as it is right now, the storm would take up the entire Gulf of Mexico. So how big is it over land?

Gulf Sized Storm 03

Offhand, it looks like the storm would completely cover Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. Five states underneath one storm.

That’s a big damn storm.

And don’t storms gather strength and cohesion as they travel across the ocean during this time of year?

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