Quick pics of incoming Hermine [PHOTOS]

Just some quick photos of Tropical Storm Hermine rolling in earlier today.

Hermine 01 photo

Hermine 02 photo

*NOTE : These photos were auto-color and auto-contrast adjusted in Photoshop because the 1st generation iPhone camera stinks.

Anyhow, while I was out earlier today re-stocking on emergency hurricane supplies, I noticed there wasn’t the same “grab everything!” mentality at the stores like when Hurricane Alex was passing through. For the most part, people were buying water and some canned goods, but nothing extraordinary.

Unfortunately all the local municipalities said there will be no sandbags available tonight as they were all caught completely unprepared. And, as usual for this kind of incoming weather, the lines at all of the gas stations were qued up two or three cars long.

It’s about 10 pm right now and the air is completely still outside, yet there’s little waves of ice-cold micro-drizzle spraying everything. The streetlights are flickering slightly, and you can see explosive white arcs trying to dig their way out of the thick grey clouds overhead. The local radar shows the big storm bands are making their way around to us from the gulf, so any minute now…

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