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How to bypass an iPhone’s passcode lock. Works on all current iPhones.

Wired just posted an article on how to completely bypass the iPhone passcode lock and access that iPhone’s entire address book and phone numbers.

From a locked iPhone screen…

  1. Tap the “Emergency call” button (by the zero on the bottom row).
  2. Enter three pound signs. (#)
  3. Hit the green call button and then immediately press the lock button (the hardware button on the iPhone).

That’s it. You’re in.

The iPhone’s address book will appear and you can scroll through the entire iPhone and call (or copy the numbers) of anyone you want.

I just tried it on my iPhone and it works just fine. Voicemails. Call history. Every single contact.

Here’s the video of the Brazilian iPhone customer who originally found this gigantic security hole.

Bug no iOS 4.1 from Salomão Filho on Vimeo.

There’s no word from Apple yet on this discovery. You can read more about the iPhone security code problem on Wired here.

EDIT: While you’re in the address book, try adding a contact to the iPhone. You’ll be able to see all the photos on that iPhone, too!


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