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Cannot start the download because the file is missing or invalid – iPad fix

If you’re subscribing to a Conde Nast magazine and are downloading copies to your iPad, there’s a small bug to watch out for.

After consecutively downloading 6 issues in any Conde Nast magazine app (New Yorker, Wired, etc), you will get a “ERROR DURING DOWNLOAD : Cannot start the download because the file is missing or invalid.”

Restart the iPad and you can download more issues. (Closing and re-opening the app doesn’t fix it.)

Hopefully the next Conde Nast magazine app release will fix this (or increase the cache/timeout).


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  1. Liz

    Many thanks for your fix. It worked, but I had to turn off the i-pad three times to load the whole issue–it was the September 12 issue and over 150 mg. Still…it’s a coping strategy that did the trick, so I’m grateful to you.


  2. Magyar641

    I was also having this problem with National Geographic’s app. I ended up deleting the app nd re-installing. This fixed my download problem.

  3. Worked like a charm! Thank you—encountered the same issue with Martha Stewart Weddings. I un-installed, turned off iPad, then reinstalled, and tried download again. Worked perfectly! Thank you!!

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