Why you shouldn’t buy the new HP Pavilion dv7 in one photo

Don’t buy the new HP Pavilion dv7.

I’ve had this new “top of the line” laptop from HP for awhile, and despite the impressive speed, built-in BluRay, HDMI access, giant screen, epic sound, and stupendous battery life, this one photo shows why it’s almost time to play laptop-frisbee.


Don't buy the HP Pavilion dv7


Left hand on the A, S, D and F keys? No problem!

Right hand on the J, K, L and ; keys? You will ALWAYS trigger the trackpad.

Imagine getting halfway through a document, only to see that somewhere along the line, the trackpad activated from a palm-hit. Now you’ve got whole paragraphs out of place and spliced words all over the document because the cursor was jumping around while you were typing.

There’s a button on the trackpad you can triple-tap to “deactivate” the input (the little white box on the upper left) so you can type with your palms on the palmrest like you’re supposed to, but there goes your live mouse editing ability.

Click off trackpad, type comfortably, see error on review, click on trackpad, move mouse to specific edit area, click off trackpad, type comfortably, click on trackpad, put mouse back to end of document, click off trackpad, type comfortably, see error, click off trackpad… that gets old surprisingly fast.

How hard would it have been for HP engineers to move the trackpad over just ONE INCH TO THE LEFT? Or make the trackpad just a little bit smaller?! Didn’t anyone in HP quality control sit down with an alpha of this laptop and try to type with it?

Sorry HP. This one behemoth design goof makes the dv7 a “hell no” in my book.

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