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Free Quickbooks Simple Start Edition

In a recent set of HP ink I got for a company printer, a small flier was enclosed that advertised a link to a free and legal copy of Quickbooks.

The promotional special with HP is for a free copy of Quickbooks Simple Start Free Edition 2010. While not as full featured as the “Pro” version, it does “keep track of money coming in and going out, track income and expenses (for up to 20 customers), track sales, expenses & sales taxes, [generate] professional-looking invoices & estimates and [also has] 14 Financial, sales & tax reports.”

That’s not too bad. Especially for free. It might be worth it to keep on a memory stick and use to set up someone new to paperless accounting. Or even for use as a very basic home accounting system.

You can download your free and legal copy at


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  1. Conrado H. Diaz

    I thank you very much for this oportunity since I will be able to do something productive
    I am 78 years old and disable butI will br helping others and make some money! Don’t you think so? so again Thank you.

  2. Conrado H. Diaz

    This is a great opportunity. Thank you very much!

  3. Adding this article to my bookmarks.

  4. Adding this article to my bookmarks.

  5. Miguel de la Rosa

    Thankyou for this opportunity

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