Stopthisbill and stopthatbill .org .net and .com are now retired

Waaaaaay back in January, I set up a website called (along with,,, and

The whole point of that website was that I didn’t agree with the healthcare bill as it was written. I preferred a well thought out healthcare bill that was more aligned with the president’s campaign promises, and took its’ time to come to fruition after a great deal of intellectual analysis and careful, reasoned debate by congress and the input of hundreds of existing health-based agencies in the national and state government.

I did not like the piecemeal train wreck that was rushed through congress, and I definitely don’t like the slapdash version that passed into law.

The stopthisbill/stopthatbill site gathered a few signatures on the online petition and it also generated some interesting debate. I really do appreciate everyone who took the time to visit the site and those who emailed me to offer their opinions (one way or the other!).

But today, I decided it was time to pull the site down and move on to other projects. I am keeping the domain names, though. Just in case something comes up later.

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