One solution to Xerox “installer quit unexpectedly” on mac

This was interesting. Installing a Xerox print driver on a new Mac Pro desktop with two active network connections caused a “installer quit unexpectedly” error at the very end of the install process.

The driver used was WC7755_UBPD_2.7.0_518.DMG which opened to Xerox Print Drivers 2.7.0.

The Xerox would install all the way to the “install complete” window, but as soon as the “install xerox printer” window appeared where you could select the printer on the network, the installer would shut down with a “installer quit unexpectedly” error.

The solution was to unplug one of the two network cables on the back of the mac. The installer worked perfectly when only one NIC/IP address was active.

Xerox tech support had nooooooo idea this was happening BTW.

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