Special Forces dogs and k9 Storm Solutions

I was reading the last issue* of Fortune Small Business when I saw this article on page 58.

The magazine did a write-up about how well a company called K9 Storm Solutions is doing, as well as highlight that they make very specialized protective gear for dogs. I’m talking about assault vests, search and rescue vests, riot prison vests and very advanced intruder communication systems. Not the kind of things you need for your typical fluffy poodle to walk around the block with.

What got me was the photo at the end of the article. Apparently, special forces dogs can (and will!) jump from airplanes along with the soldiers. And k9 Storm Solutions makes the gear to do this!

Check out the article below (click the + to enlarge as needed)…

Special Forces Dogs Jump Too

I went to the K9 Storm Solutions website and saw this particular jump with “Cara” was done at 30,100 feet! That’s nuts!!

I couldn’t find a large photo of just the jump on the K9 website, so I did a quick and dirty enlargement of the photo myself.

Special Forces Dog Jump - Click to Enlarge

Special Forces Dog Jump - Click to Enlarge

That’s pretty cool and hardcore at the same time. Can you imagine what’s going through the dog’s head as it’s skydiving? If they love an open window on a drive, this must be a massive adrenalin rush for them. I’ve been skydiving a few times myself, and I’ve been very juiced every time I land (well, except for the first time, but that’s another story). Can you imagine how wired a dog would be after landing? Stay at least 500 yards away!


* It really was the last issue of Fortune Small Business. The editor said they got the plug pulled on them. The “farewell” is below…

End of Fortune Small Business