Moon in the Texas Sky

Moon in the Texas sky

Moon in the Texas sky

A older photo I took of the moon in the Texas sky. The sun was just crossing the horizon and the sky was slowly sliding from blue to dark navy.  A little wisp of a cloud was stretching itself out and dissipating in the early evening’s heat.

Robert Rodriguez’s Predator remake

In case you haven’t heard already, Robert Rodriguez is remaking the original Predator movie. Or as Hollywood says, “rebooting the franchise”. Due for release sometime in 2010, Latinoreview has already noted that Nimród Antal is going to direct and Danny Trejo will be in the film as a supporting character.

According to the exclusive preview on latinoreview, the main character, the new badass, the “Dutch 2.0” is named….. Royce.

Yeah. Just gimme the tickets now.

Io.9 and Screenrant both say “Our hero is Royce, a “Steve McQueen” type. The film begins back on Earth, when Royce gets in a fight with another human, and kills his opponent — but some Predators are watching the whole thing from behind their camouflage screens. The Predators like what they see, so they kidnap Royce and shoot him over to their home planet. Royce, along with seven other abducted humans, all wake up after parachuting into the Predator home planet.”

Robert? I’m cutting you off. If you can’t keep a secret, I ain’t telling you any more of my stories.

Seriously. Just how many famous “Royces” are out there? Royce Gracie (the original MMA badass), California House of Representatives Ed Royce, Royce da 5’9″, and Royce the Voice.

Short list!

Latinoreview has an exclusive video on the reboot on their website to go with the story that shows the movie’s other supporting characters and their backgrounds.