NASA is selling the space shuttles. The main engines are free if you pay shipping.

OK, this is just all sorts of surreal.

NASA is selling the Space Shuttle Atlantis, Endeavour and Enterprise this Fall. For $28.9 million a piece.

This is a perfect example of why I need to be a billionaire. Because if I was a billionaire, I would snatch each one of these shuttles, hire each and every one of the original creators of the space shuttles back, retrofit all the space shuttles with brand new parts and updated computer components, and launch them all again (in tandem) to build a real, habitable and structurally sound space station. Maybe give away three tourist tickets to an engineering or middle school for some kids to come along with every launch.

But some Las Vegas schmuck is probably going to grab them and stick it on top of his casino. Or on top of some restaurant somewhere in Armpit, USA.

As a bonus, NASA is GIVING AWAY the space shuttle’s main engines. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling.

Not kidding.

Decades of engineering miracles so great that they were taken for granted… now available to the general public.


Here’s the link to the MSNBC article.

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