Verizon to be the carrier for the upcoming Apple Tablet

Apple’s not-so-secret tablet is about to be unveiled next week. And from the looks of things, Apple has chosen Verizon to be the exclusive carrier for their new product!

Apple Tablet

Apple Tablet

Hey AT&T! Have you been paying attention? Do you see how things are about to get real ugly for your bottom line?

Instead of upgrading your rusty old network to keep iPhone customers happy, you decided to say things to your paying customers like You don’t have enough towers to handle the phone”… and to do things like charge your unlimited customers for using the network in an unlimited manner… and even get nailed by Consumer Reports as “the worst carrier in the Unuted States.”

So now that you fumbled the ball for a relatively simple thing, you’re going to be benched for the upcoming big game.

Verizon is not only about to take a huge chunk of AT&Ts iPhone customers away, but is now going to be the only US company to carry Apple’s new tablet.

I can’t wait!

Here’s the exclusive article on The Street about the Verizon / Apple deal.

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