26% (or 1.31 gb) gone in one night

Way back in December, I ranted about how a 5 gigabyte limit on internet connection plans are completely unrealistic.

Late last night I was updating one of my laptops and found this in the update que.

1.31 out of 5 gone

1.31 out of 5 gone

1.31 gigabytes of core system updates. That’s 26.2% of my monthly allocated bandwidth gone in one night.

On a related note, I think it’s nucking futs that 1.31 gb of data still takes 5 hours to download on one of the major (and better) wireless companies in the United States. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is laughing at us coming in at 28th place in the internet connection speed race! You know things are bad when France is royally beating us senseless, too.

Anybody who says 5 gigabytes is more than enough for one month of internet use needs to leave the 1990’s behind and get some new tech.

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