The Texas Double Whopper makes treadmills weep

So I was at the drive through getting a BK Mocha Joe (my Friday crack fix, thankyouverymuch), when I saw this billboard on the side of the drive-thru.

BK Texas Double Whopper

BK Texas Double Whopper

I usually don’t hit the Whoppers because I know they’re bad, but this one actually looked pretty good. Double beef, bacon, cheese, and jalapenos! I actually forgot about Whataburger for a brief second!

Out of curiosity, I Googled the Texas Double Whopper to see just how bad it is. Caloriecount confirmed what I suspected…


Calories – 1050
Calories from Fat – 621
Total Fat – 69.0g (106% Daily Value)
Saturated Fat – 26.0g (130% Daily Value)
Cholesterol – 210mg (70% Daily Value)
Sodium – 1910mg (80% Daily Value)

I don’t think my treadmill has a setting for DAMN.

Anyhow, I also found this commercial about the Texas double Whopper too. It made me laugh, but I still ain’t touching that sandwich with someone else’s 10 foot pole.

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